Pairijait Tigummiaqtikkut looking to build new elder housing in Iqaluit

Representatives of the elders society said it has secured $250,000

Elder Annie Nattaq speaks at city council Tuesday evening about a Pairijait Tigummiaqtikkut elders society housing project. She says older Inuit need “to have a place closer to home.” (Photo by Meral Jamal)

By Meral Jamal

The Pairijait Tigummiaqtikkut elders society is looking to build more housing for elders in Iqaluit. 

The society’s lawyer and representative, Anne Crawford, as well as elder Annie Nattaq presented information about a proposed housing project at the Kuugalaak triangle by DJ’s Specialities in the city at a planning and development committee meeting Tuesday. 

Crawford said the society has $250,000 to start developing the project and is working with Canada Mortgage and Housing — an organization she called “the equivalent of the Nunavut Housing Corporation but for Canada” — to build these units. It has also secured the parcel of land where the project will be built.

The new housing will be different from elder care facilities designed to provide long-term care, which the society has raised concerns about in the past

“[The units will be] designed for people who are older and who need housing,” Crawford said.

Crawford is asking three things from council regarding the project: A reduction in the number of parking spaces in the area, given that many elders don’t drive; The closure of a road in the vicinity of the project, although the society hasn’t identified which road that might be; and expanding the parcel to incorporate land owned by the city.

Reflecting on how elders in the territory are sent to southern Canada for care, Nattaq said older Inuit need “to have a place closer to home.”

“We want to be in the land where we grew up.” 

Crawford and Nattaq said Pairijait Tigummiaqtikkut currently has the land and the location of the housing units confirmed. It is, however, still working out some finer details, such as how many units will be built and what the exact design will look like.

The two representatives did not provide a timeline for the project. 

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(6) Comments:

  1. Posted by ilinngjuvigjuaraaluk on

    Children and kids, pairijausuungvut, innailli PAQQIJAUSUUT!

  2. Posted by Elders United on

    First the Elders move in.
    Then their children and grandchildren move in.
    Then there’s a need for parking spaces.
    But don’t let that stop you.
    Right now elders are retiring from GN jobs with staff housing to … homelessness.

  3. Posted by Apples to Rotten Apples on

    Comparing CMHC to NHC is a big insult to CMHC.

  4. Posted by Ken on

    It’s great to see some initiative being taken here, actually doing something instead of just complaining.
    Great to see, keep up the great work and let’s support this and help make it happen.

  5. Posted by The Longest Journey on

    begins with a single step.
    We’ve been told that housing bids have been about $1 million per house. So they have enough money to pay for one quarter of a house.
    Heard recently at a Pairijait Tigummiaqtikkut society meeting, “What should we build, a bedroom, a kitchen, a living-room or a bathroom?”

    • Posted by Anne Crawford on

      The funds received are for plans and site development.
      It is CMHC “seed” money.
      Not all details make it to press.

      If all goes well there will be more funds to follow.

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