Qulliq Energy to add, fix Iqaluit street lights

Council voted in favour of hiring energy corporation to better light city streets

The Road to Apex will see seven lights added to these existing poles after council voted Tuesday to hire the Qulliq Energy Corp. to improve the street lights around Iqaluit. (Photo by David Venn)

By David Venn
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The City of Iqaluit has hired Qulliq Energy Corp. to upgrade its street lights.

Councillors voted unanimously to spend $131,788 for the upgrades in 17 areas of the city, including the Road to Apex, lower Iqaluit and along Sivumugiaq Street (formerly Federal Road) during Tuesday evening’s council meeting.

“[It’s] definitely a great start,” said Mayor Kenny Bell during the meeting.

Eight new poles and lights will be placed along the beach behind the Amaruq Hunters and Trappers Association, one for each playground on the Upper Plateau and one on the creek trail, near the bridge heading into the Frobisher Inn.

In other areas of the city, lights will be added to existing poles.

The Road to Apex will see one light added to every third pole for a total of seven lights. Two lights will be added to the road by the Chartroom and Beer and Wine Store and one light will be added to the two-way stop between Capital Suites and the Pentecostal church.

As well, 37 lights will be replaced with new bulbs, such as 18 on Sivumugiaq Street, six between City Hall and Baffin Gas Bar and one at the four-way stop in Happy Valley.

The project comes in about $32,000 below what the city had estimated in its 2022 capital budget for street light repairs, according to Sumon Ghosh, the city’s director of engineering.

During a public safety committee meeting last fall, participants mentioned that increasing streetlights, specifically around the beach, would help with safety.

Qulliq is scheduled to start working on the upgrades in the fall, Bell said, which will give the city enough time to see how much it should budget for upgrades next year.

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  1. Posted by Iqaluitmiuta on

    Add some housing to it would do some good ect.

  2. Posted by pissed off on

    Isn`t street lighting part and parcel of developing new streets or maintaining existting ones?

    That is as important as water , sewer lines, firehydrants, drainage and all.
    This should be planned and done as you open new areas

    • Posted by Bert Rose on

      Some areas of Iqaluit have inadequate street lights because they have not been upgraded since the road were established fifty or sixty years ago.

  3. Posted by Maq-Pat on

    “Eight new poles and lights will be placed along the beach behind the Amaruq Hunters and Trappers Association” I thought that was Inuit Owned Land. Is there somewhere online to see the details of what’s IOL in Iqaluit?


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