Shields up

Arctic Ventures in Iqaluit has installed plexiglass shields at its registers to help protect its workers from COVID-19. “For the safety of the community and our hardworking staff we’ve taken safety to the next level!” the store said in a social media posting. (Photo courtesy of Arctic Ventures)

By Nunatsiaq News

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  1. Posted by The Old Trapper on

    It’s almost laughably inadequate. Look at the picture. Nothing separates the cashier from the customer behind her. All it will take is for this customer to turn slightly if they need to cough or sneeze and another Covid-19 zombie is born.
    Come on people, THINK!
    Maybe use every 2nd cash register. Limit the number of people shopping. Limit shopping to once a day per family, or once every second or third day if necessary. And only one person from a family to do the shopping. No kids.

    • Posted by Tulugak on

      If you look carefully at the photo, there is actually a second piece of plexiglass behind the cashier that separates them from the customer.

      Limits on the frequency of shopping and reducing the number of people shopping per family unit are great ideas! Where it’s feasible, of course. Some people are single parents and might not have someone to mind their children while they go buy essential groceries.

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