Two arrested in Oct. 13 drug bust in Kuujjuaq

Seizures occurred a day after 26-year-old was also charged with drug offences

The Nunavik police station in Kuujjuaq is pictured in this May 2022 photo. (File photo by Jeff Pelletier)

By Jeff Pelletier - Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

There have been two drug busts this month in Kuujjuaq.

The Integrated Nunavik Investigation team — which includes both Nunavik police and Quebec provincial police officers — carried out searches in two houses and a shack on Oct. 13, according to a news release from Nunavik Police Service.

Officers seized 2,034 methamphetamine pills, electronic devices, scales, empty bags and paraphernalia, and approximately $5,000 in cash.

Two people were arrested and released, states the release.

No charges have been laid, according to Jean-Francois Morin.

The Oct. 13 bust occurred a day after both police services charged a 26-year-old man in Kuujjuaq with drug trafficking and firearms offences.

In that instance on Oct. 12, police seized about 130 grams of cocaine — roughly the same weight as an orange — as well as nearly 560 methamphetamine pills and two firearms, one of which is for “restricted use,” according to Sgt. Nancy Fournier of the Quebec provincial police.

Police have not said whether the two drug busts are related.

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(27) Comments:

  1. Posted by peter on

    With the quantity of meth seized, cash, they are dealing-trafficking, why were they released, makes no sense.

  2. Posted by Kuujjuaq on

    Agian , good work guys , that a lot of drugs for a small town. KEEP GOING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Posted by Cleaning up on

    In the first drug bust, the name is already released on the police website. Soon, we’ll all know the names of the second bust as well, everyone will know that they were there. That’s great Police work, keep on cleaning the culprits out. This is going to pay off big time. Little hungry kids can eat this month. We are bit safer on the roads. May even prevent a death or two. Get them out of town, they are destroying lives. Put their assets in view of revenue tax services. Hopefully they get a big bill on having materials that can only be obtain with extra illegal activities. There’s so much drug and alcohol infected people in kuujjuaq now, it looks like the treatment Center , jail, hospital and funerals are going on crisis mode.

    • Posted by Person on

      Payday and child allowance tomorrow. I’m sure someone out there is still selling…

  4. Posted by Sherlock Holmes on

    There is more. We all know it. Keep’em coming. No exceptions to who they are, who they know, who they sell to.

  5. Posted by Lunatic society on

    The police are doing a good job. Now only if we get some local leadership on board to help out the police to crack down. Kuujjuaq has become a lunatic society. Heavy drinking, hard drugs, child and family abuse, absent from work. Services without workers. Vandalism. The future don’t look good. We need more good people. Maybe immigration of good people to come in to make it healthier.

    • Posted by Inuuvugut on

      Yes, you only notice today that Kuujjuamiut are missing from work because of drinking, drugging abandoning their children, oh my, say that again.

      This has been ongoing for years, not just today…

      • Posted by Year and years on

        Going on for years and years, what have you done to help the situation Inuuvugut? Or have you been just waiting to find people that don’t know that this is going on, so you can get a brownie for pointing the facts out. Off course this has been going on for years, that’s why there’s so much mental illness and suicide, at least it contributing to these conditions. Yes some people trying to wake up to point out, rather then condemning the mess.

      • Posted by NUNAVIMIUK on

        Every friday morning (the day after payday) you hear the FM announcer telling people that so an so rooms at the daycare are closed , same with class so an so at both school are closed . will the kitchen staff at the hospital please go to work. The municipal council is looking for workers for the sanitation dept and so on. This is normal in kuujjuaq.

        • Posted by Dysfunctional on

          Kuujjuaq is dysfunctional society. Can anyone come up with other names to sum up the mess? It’s like a ghost town around 830 in the morning, You will see southerners going off to work as it gets ticking towards 9 am, with a few local people miserable trying to start the day as well. And if there’s anyone going around in beat up old half destroyed cars and trucks around early morning! it’s the left over low life drunk , stoned and dangerously on the road all night,long.

          • Posted by Harvey Mesher on

            Your comment is pathetic and condescending. Don’t generalize the people in our community. A big part of the problem with drugs in the community is caused by your white/black saviors. Its not only inuit that are doing or selling these hard drugs. One thing for dam sure is it’s not inuit who are manufacturing them. So stop playing your race card. Lets get rid of all those a-holes that are involved. Plus rid the community of you racists at the same time.

            • Posted by Mr mesher on

              Mr mesher, if only you had your way, but you don’t. Your comment tells a lot about your race attitude, and I don’t think, it separates you very good from anyone that you are considering to be racist, I doubt that you are even fully comprehensive of Nunavik issues, in that you absorbed your energy into borderline insecurity and trouble accepting your own reality of self, which only you have an issue with. Kuujjuaq has a problem, not new , but it’s new in that more people trying to live in peaceful existence are pissed off with vandalism! Which manifested itself from years and years of abuse. You are no longer able to just go around anymore and try out certain justice that you seen fit to say or do. Your time is over, kuujjuaq has moved beyond to your kind of thinking. People want rights and peace and equality today, not someone like you , an angry, in his skin guy. What are you doing about the situation in kuujjuaq , except trying to control speech with a face book group face. Get over it mister. The demands and analysis are not racist, but are for the future good of our community. If anyone should be gotten rid of to go away, I would start with you and those that help keep us in a state of misery.

              • Posted by Inquiring minds on

                What is this psycho babble?

                “Mr mesher, if only you had your way, but you don’t. Your comment tells a lot about your race attitude, and I don’t think, it separates you very good from anyone that you are considering to be racist, I doubt that you are even fully comprehensive of Nunavik issues, in that you absorbed your energy into borderline insecurity and trouble accepting your own reality of self, which only you have an issue with”

                Maybe the psychologist in you could be put to better use for some self-inflection. Maybe even use that imagination to help the region rather than waste time, air and print with this verbal attack on an individual who is from what I read, encouraging the NPS to keep up the good work.

            • Posted by Was there a female arrested and released? on

              Harvey, do you know the names of those in the last raid? We only have a gossip, but maybe , a male and a female that used to be a couple.

            • Posted by Drug dealers on

              I don’t think it’s people from south or southwest that turns local people into drug dealers. It’s the brought up built character of parents. Teach your children to be good citizens. The Inuit way is insulted by what we see today. It’s really about people not caring , as they were never taught any morals.who are the drug dealers from the community?

        • Posted by And people wonder about who professionals are on

          In the real work of people and life, responsible is adhesion to success. What we are seeing in Nunavik is not only a lack of education within the population, but lack of responsibility whether education is there or missing. Getting up in the morning is just not in the motivation of many people. They trade off the responsibility for party the night before , and failure services miserably in the next days need. When you want a professional type of work , your party desires are going to hurt you , and it hurts people that need the service. So only people with strong motivation and desire to success are doing well, the rest are causing the problems that we need more professionals to try and deal with, sounds a lot like kuujjuaq and many other Nunavik communities.

  6. Posted by peter on

    2034 pills of speed, street value 20 bucks a pill, 40,680.00 worth of poison that was going to be sold in our community. The authorities need to send a message, federal time, seizure-forfeiture of assets, kicked out of the community, from the profit of ill gotten gains. Revenue Quebec also needs to be involved as the only way to deal properly with drug traffickers who sell nothing but shit and misery is to take all their money and assets away. 2 busts down, more to follow, bootleggers your next.

    • Posted by Grammar Police on


  7. Posted by The need for escape on

    Kuujjuaq’s substance abuse is prime example of a society that is trying to escape reality. The dealers are the criminals, but the users are the low life that are escaping from a life that they have and don’t really live. Even the beer and wine establishments, coop store, and landholding coming around with the newest outlets to fulfill the escapers need is serving the illness more than serving the sensible people that like to use alcohol. Theres no plan to have anything but a beer store, kuujjuaq needs more than beer store, what about grocery store with better prices, and something for growth and development of kids. The thinking is very screwed up among those in the coop, municipality’s and landholding.

  8. Posted by If we build it they will come on

    What came first the horse or the cart, we’ll I said I didn’t know. Like old dogs and children and stuff that make you glow. The leadership has built a community follow by enough people, that it turned into an attractive place for drug dealers, bootleggers, and many other scum , so if they built it that way, they have their names signed on the workings of a failure that we now see. Who’s fault is that?

    • Posted by R U Serious??? on

      You want to blame the victims (the Inuit Communities) for the dregs of Southern society moving to the region and creating havoc?

      Ever since Southerners have unfettered access to the region, we have had murderers, drug dealers, fraudsters, etc use the north as a hideout.

      This is not a creation of Inuit leadership, for what it is.

  9. Posted by Randy on

    What about the big bootlegger with the big house big boat big truck all the toys you can imagine! All these elimination draws. Why hasn’t the government done anything yet! They had a huge investigation going on then covid hit. Get back on it!

    • Posted by It’s incredible how it continues on

      Yes, everyone is aware of this person, it’s all over the pages. His hands got blood from the destruction caused by bootleg and illegal activities. House, boats, many many toys. He’s got a regular job in town, that he probably is using to try and cover. I wonder who the two houses and a shack did police visit October 13. Watch out for a name soon, maybe a male and a female who knows, who know each other well, but don’t talk anymore.

  10. Posted by New beer and wine? on

    Do anyone know when the new beer and wine store proposed by landholding are opening in kuujjuaq? Let’s see when it starts, guess how much more the community will be further along the deterioration line ? There will be a competition of who contributes more to death, injury and family breakdown, coop sales, or landholding Sales? When I say contribute, I don’t mean root cause, I just mean feeding the fire.

  11. Posted by Somebody on

    Great job!!! Now come help out RANKIN INLET!!

    • Posted by Hi Rankin inlet on

      Rankin Inlet and all ya out there. The best can be done for ye all. Just watch the evolution in Nunavik, look closely at kuujjuaq, and study the misery that alcohol and drugs are causing, and has forever caused, new drugs culture has a new kind of devastation. Just search out social media pages for kuujjuaq. Lots of local disruptions, and people are fit up with drugs, drunks , family deterioration and death prematurely. Just keep on watching and learn what not to do. It’s the land of the living dead, and caused by a few idiots, but destroyed the moral of the town.

  12. Posted by Be careful what you read. on

    Be aware fully people what you read in comments. There are those people slyly standing up for drug dealers under the pretence that , if it’s an Inuit drug dealer, it’s somehow ok, and not the fault of the Inuit. A drug dealer is a drug dealer, they have no color, race or creed. We all know that drugs come from outside Nunavik. That’s not difficult to ascertain. Maybe even most dealers are from the outside, whether they live in Nunavik, or come for work. Let’s not cover up the problem of drug dealers and bootleggers, that are destroying the communities, in protecting their motivation based on that they are behaving such a way because of someone from the south, that’s not true, and that belief will only help contribute to the continuous drug culture which has developed into devastation. Zero acceptance of any drug and booze dealing illegally.

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