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Nunavut’s caribou-clad ‘fitness freak’

Iqaluit’s Joe Juralak added caribou-hide clothing to his workout routine over the weekend for National Indigenous History month, which is celebrated throughout June. Juralak, a self-described “fitness freak,” regularly posts workout videos on Facebook and on Instagram, where he goes by @inukfit. He says exercising in the traditional clothing was hot but brought him happiness, and he hopes to come up with new ways to keep his workouts interesting in the coming weeks. (Photo provided by Joe Juralak)


Western Nunavut’s Emily Angulalik up for an Indspire award

Emily Angulalik, president of the Kitikmeot Heritage Society in Cambridge Bay, is one of 12 Indigenous Canadians nominated this year for an Indspire award in the culture, heritage and spirituality category. “Without the language there is no culture, without the culture there is no language, we must take pride in our identity and walk in today’s world,” says Angulalik, seen here drum dancing at the recent 25th anniversary celebration of the heritage society, also known as Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq. The Indspire website says the awards represent “the highest honour the Indigenous community bestows upon its own people.” The awards will be broadcast June 22 on APTN and CBC. (Photo courtesy of PI)

Indspire to honour Arctic Bay elder Qapik Attagutsiak

Arctic Bay elder Qapik Attagutsiak, who turns 101 on June 11, is one of 12 Indigenous Canadians nominated for an Indspire lifetime achievement award this year. “Qapik’s lifework has embodied both Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and Inuit societal values. Her longevity and her legacy represent a shining example for young Inuit to follow,” says the backgrounder on her nomination. The Indspire award ceremony will be broadcast on APTN and CBC on June 22. (File photo courtesy of Parks Canada)


Learning to sew caribou clothing

Gjoa Haven residents hold up caribou pants and parkas made during a five-week program at Nattilik Heritage Centre. The clothing will be donated to the local search and rescue operation. From left: student Lisa Kirnik, NHS manager Jennifer Ullulaq, student Rhea Siutinnuaq, mentors Mary Qingnatuq and Elizabeth Hiqiniq, and search and rescue chairperson Amber Eleeheetook. Absent are student Melanie Kununak and mentor Ruth Qirqqu. (Photo courtesy of the NHS/Facebook)