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Cruisin’ for a snack

The National Geographic Resolution sailed to Gjoa Haven on Aug. 3 but its passengers didn’t just come to take in the hamlet’s sites. They brought food to share with the community. Hamlet resident Waylon Nahaglulik said the cruise dropped off around 25 to 30 boxes of chips, cookies, raisins, cereal, cocoa powder and various other snacks. Community members brought other food to share alongside the impromptu treats. Nahaglulik said it is rare to see cruise ships bring snacks to share with the communities they visit. (Photos courtesy of Waylon Nahaglulik)



RCMP keeps Nunavut Day grilling on Monday

RCMP in Iqaluit kept Nunavut Day celebrations going Monday afternoon with a barbecue outside division headquarters. Officers worked the grills to serve up some cheeseburgers and hot dogs for dozens of families who lined up for lunch. The bulk of Nunavut Day celebrations took place Sunday, as the community celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement and Nunavut Act being passed by Parliament. (Photo by Jeff Pelletier)