1 new case of COVID-19 confirmed in Iqaluit

‘There’s no reason to think that this means that we have to pause or change the public health orders,’ says chief public health officer

Most Government of Nunavut offices in Iqaluit will be closed Wednesday due to city-wide water shutdown, although emergency services, such as those provided at Qikiqtani General Hospital, seen above, will remain open. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

One new case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Iqaluit, Premier Joe Savikataaq announced on Twitter Thursday.

With no new recoveries reported, there are now two active cases of the virus in the territory, all in Iqaluit.

Unlike the previous case, which involved an Iqaluit resident already in isolation, Thursday’s was discovered when the person was admitted to Qikiqtani General Hospital.

“It’s unclear if their symptoms are from the COVID or if their symptoms are from another medical problem,” said Nunavut’s chief public health officer, Dr. Michael Patterson, during a media briefing on Thursday morning.

Although contact tracing on the case began yesterday afternoon, Patterson said “at this point, there’s no reason to think that this means that we have to pause or change the public health orders.”

Nunavut side of travel ‘bubble’ with N.W.T. restored

The Government of Nunavut also announced the reopening of its side of the common travel area, or “bubble,” with the Northwest Territories on Thursday.

Those travelling to Nunavut from the N.W.T., who have not been outside the two territories for two weeks, can now enter the territory without completing 14 days of isolation.

Travellers currently isolating in the N.W.T. who wish to return to Nunavut earlier than their scheduled return date must complete a common area traveller’s declaration form and send it to [email protected]

While the announcement means that Nunavut’s side of the bubble is open, the N.W.T. side remains closed. Travellers from Nunavut wanting to go to the N.W.T. must follow that territory’s public health measures and isolation requirements.

The Government of Nunavut is scheduled to hold its next COVID-19 update on Monday.

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(6) Comments:

  1. Posted by Concerned Parent on

    So 4 new cases today too? You have the entire student body of children, who are unvaccinated, getting together. You sure having schools and other things open is a good idea. If there is a second Iqaluit wave, it’s all on you, Dr. Patterson. My children will not be going to school.

    • Posted by Northern mom on

      Thank you for telling everyone what your decision is regarding your children. That is completely your choice and I wish you well.

      However, blaming this on Dr. Patterson is profoundly unfair. Transmissions in school, provided they have masked and wash hands, will be and are limited in Southern Canada. The teachers in all the Nunavut schools are able to keep an eye on their students much closer than larger schools, and actually care about their students’ well being.

      The low rates in Nunavut cane be directly attributed to the actions and decisions made by Dr. Patterson, and the Territory’s decision to follow his lead. Was the response perfect? No. But there would have been a lot more cases without the restrictions.

      Credit where credit is due. Find and lay blame somewhere else.

      Best of luck to you and your family.

      • Posted by daddy do good on

        Sounds like you and Dr. Patterson are confident that the schools are safe. Let’s hope you’re right and no virus appears in the schools. Sounds like Concerned Parent doesn’t know what he/she is talking about. Leave your kids in school! It’s safe! No virus there!

  2. Posted by Confused Inuk on

    I dont understand why the citizens of Nunavut’s little city is screaming to open up! The other communities who had covid stayed on lockdown until 2 weeks after the last case, but it seems the citizens are screaming to open up, so much pressure put on our CPHO to open up then blame him when cases blow up! typical of this city.

    Stay on lockdown till the 2 weeks is passed from the last recovered case Iqaluit!

    • Posted by Deborah on

      You are completely right – so close to kids getting vaccinated too. Why did they open everything up so early? Are we at the beginning of a second wave?

      • Posted by Confused Inuk on

        It will become the 2nd wave if Iqaluit doesn’t close up now. 6 cases all of a sudden today, tomorrow and the next and the next, i am positive more cases will pop up.
        Iqaluit, please stay on lockdown, please! You’re our Capital, lead by example with your actions for the rest of Nunavut rather than voicing this and this and this and not leading in action. Overall, Im sure he can handle it, he’s done such a wonderful job handling this pandemic as best as he can, but back off our CPHO as well, he doesnt need us pointing fingers or blaming him when cases pop up when YOU SCREAM AT HIM TO OPEN UP THE CITY, he needs our support. 1 way to support? STAY HOME, STAY CLOSED FOR NOW

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