Masks now mandatory in all of Nunavik’s indoor public spaces

“There will be a transition period during which alternative forms of face coverings will be accepted”

The Kativik Regional Government is making free masks available to Nunavimmiut elders through the region’s Northern Village offices. (Photo courtesy of KRG)

By Nunatsiaq News

Masks are now mandatory in all indoor public spaces throughout Quebec—and that includes Nunavik.

Starting July 18, the province has imposed a new rule that requires people to wear a mask or face covering in all closed or partially closed spaces. That includes spaces accessible to the general public, like stores, cultural and community centres, workspaces, hospitals, airports, training centres or post offices.

The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services said it will publish an exhaustive list of public spaces in the region where masks are required.

But regional authorities plan to give Nunavimmiut some time to adapt to the new requirement.

“It is understood that it might take some time to have access to a mask or to make one,” the Kativik Regional Government said in a July 17 news release.

“There will be a transition period during which alternative forms of face coverings like bandanas or scarves will be accepted.”

After that point, officials warn that shops or other public spaces have the right to refuse people access if they are not wearing a face covering.

Children aged 12 and under are exempt from wearing masks, as are people whose health prevents them from wearing one.

The Kativik Regional Government will be distributing free face masks to elders throughout the region; Nunavimmiut should inquire at their local Northern Village office.

Nunavik has seen a total of 17 cases of COVID-19, now all recovered. Those cases don’t included the most recent incident in which a southern worker was found to be infected after he arrived in Salluit for a work contract. He has since left the region.

As of July 5, 1,386 people have been tested either in Nunavik or just before arriving in the region.

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(9) Comments:

  1. Posted by The impact on

    As effective as this maybe, it’s controversial. One thing for sure as we’re already witnessing: workers at some places are not happy with having to wear a covering over the mouth and nose all day long, not to even mention the probable unhealthy aspect of having a soiled covering on for so long. We’re seeing the beginnings of those workers not wanting to go to work, therefore having to close down. Daycare workers complaining.

    • Posted by Kuujjamiuk on

      I too hate having wear these things . only time i wear mine is when , i go into a public places, it must be annoying having to wear one all day long.

    • Posted by Observer on

      Yet people all over the world somehow manage it.

  2. Posted by Escheemau on

    When I wear the mask ‘ I CAN’T BREATHE’.

  3. Posted by Cooncerned sovereign on

    I’m shocked that the Québec gouv is not aware of the inefficiency of wearing a mask to reduce cv 19, do they know the detrimental effects of breathing recycled air and increase carbon dioxide inhalation and reducing oxygen to the person therefore making a person more prone to immune deficiency

    • Posted by More info please on

      Could you please post the research or medical references that back these statements? I’m curious to know more about these health risks around wearing masks.

      • Posted by Observer on

        There are no such references. Unless you count Facebook postings by idiots.

  4. Posted by Bar on

    Is a bar a public place ? If so, how would we drink. And one gets drunk.

  5. Posted by Non compliance on

    Many people are entering the co-op store Kuujjuaq not using a mask, but instead using their sleeve or collar of their jacket across their mouth. No one is stopping them from doing that. All the while in a line -up intoxicated with beer to be purchased.

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