Nunavut impact board takes down signs that deride Baffinland

Several posters referring to mining company as “Bathroomland” were hung around Pond Inlet this week

Signs deriding Baffinland Iron Mines Corp. were posted around Pond Inlet during the Nunavut Impact Review Board’s hearing on the company’s proposed mine expansion. This one was found on the outside of the Government of Nunavut building. (Photo courtesy of Cara Killiktee/Facebook)

By David Venn
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Signs that mock Baffinland Iron Mines Corp. have been taken down from the Pond Inlet community hall, where hearings on the company’s expansion plans are underway.

“Bathroomland: We Flush Nunavut’s Environment Down The Toilet!” reads one sign.

“Several” such signs were posted inside and outside the venue hosting the Nunavut Impact Review Board’s final hearing on the company’s expansion plans, according to the board’s chair.

“While the board understands the feelings are running high, and that parties have a right to free expression, attempts to create an atmosphere of intimidation within these proceedings is not acceptable,” Marjorie Kaviq Kaluraq said.

She said the signs will be taken down immediately if they are found again.

Baffinland said it supports the board’s “efforts to ensure this process is completed expeditiously and with fairness to all parties.”

Pond Inlet Mayor Joshua Arreak said he hasn’t seen the postings and was surprised to hear of them.

“This is really not the way to be dealing with controversies,” he said.

Representatives from North Baffin hamlets and hunters and trappers organizations continue to express concerns about the environmental impact of the mine expansion plans.

The hearing, which started Jan. 25 and runs to Feb. 6, will reconvene sometime in March to allow affected groups a chance to continue raising questions.

When the hearing is completed, the three-member panel will send its recommendation to the federal minister of northern affairs, Dan Vandal, who will either approve or reject the proposal.

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(16) Comments:

  1. Posted by Jim Bo on

    Why hasn’t Nunavut learned anything from the NWT and Yukon in terms of getting mining royalties? You guys make it sound so easy to just come in and mine, don’t be a push over, fight for what is right in terms of what you should be getting back.

    • Posted by Truestory on

      With the system being used to haul ore, it’ll take more time to collect ore. On the other hand, a train would increase the ore haul, thus getting more money, then, the royalties would be more readily available.

    • Posted by Northern Guy on

      Clearly you have no idea how the co-management system in Nunavut works. Under the Claim the Qikiqtaani Inuit Association (QIA) owns the subsurface mineral rights to the vast majority of the land that Baffinland is mining. As a result the royalties from mine are already being paid directly to the QIA. This amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars over the life span of the mine. Nunavut doesn’t need to “get” the royalties, it already has them.

      • Posted by Karboneater on

        Eeeerpb,,,Wrong, incorrect, inaccurate, hogwash, Hint: Think” NTI subsurface, “RIAs surface.. Read the NLCA.

  2. Posted by hunter3 on

    So who is responsible for the signs? Who put them up???

  3. Posted by articrick on

    This is getting ugly, everyone is to blame here, mostly NIRB for the way they handled this.

  4. Posted by Rick Hodgson on

    We all know what happens in the end if the mine doubles, environmental,land noise & sea noise pollution doubles+, wildlife moves away, when that mines is finished they leave the mess and move down the coast . I think the Inuit should be looking at iron mines in Greenland and having talks with them

    • Posted by monty sling on

      I have been to arctic russia few times. The land is pretty much dead. Development eh?…..good luck north baffin and nunavut in general.

  5. Posted by Susan. Mo aghan on

    Save the land. Fr. Nextt generatio s. And the animals… Its what will sustai n. You.. Weve lost much where i live…. Birds have go e and black bears too…where i used to see beavers… All gone now… Susan

  6. Posted by Bob on

    Who feels intimidated by these signs? LOL
    You should see the bathrooms at Baffinland’s WeatherHaven

    • Posted by Centrist on

      The Weatherhaven and the Matrix have been closed for a while now. Things have much improved at the mine and port.

  7. Posted by Trty1 Territory Anishinaabekwe on

    “This is no way to handle controversy.” Lol.
    Common now Mayor, that’s punny and you proud of your town 😀

  8. Posted by Centrist on

    Seriously? Someone got bored yet also very creative. Well it could be worse.
    Could be a mine with a name that was less easy to make fun of.
    Could be a mine that doesn’t do any community outreach, you know, food banks, daycare centres, apprenticeship programs.
    Could be a mine that doesn’t go looking for lost hunters as soon as they get a report from a local community.
    Could be a mine that has huge toxic tailings ponds full of cyanide or arsenic spewing from smelters, all the while claiming that none of these chemicals are leaching into the environment.
    Could be a mine that doesn’t try to negotiate with locals, instead just bulldozes ahead and bribes officials.
    Could be a mine that’s the big bad boogeyman of the north, but its not.
    Look, I’m sure some of the poster’s were pretty creative and funny, but try to hold back on the hostilities until the hearings are finally over. Things like this are not constructive and tend to put everyone on the defense.

  9. Posted by Mittimatalikmiut on

    You must understand that these signs are not allowed at the venue of the hearing. Nor are these signs supposed to influence NIRBS decisions since they act as a jury to the case being heard. NIRb has addressed these types of behaviors over the 12 day hearing daily and I can not believe our members are so childish to continue feeding into the negativity. Shameful!

    At such legal/technical hearings grown ups are acting like little children. Whininh and pouting without even understanding the process that has to take place.

    The reason why regular community members have joy had a time to speak is because our representatives at the technical table put forth a motion to ensure the 6echnical part of the meeting was done and not postponed. Good on them! The rest of us just have to simply wait!

    All you grown ups trying to whine and pout by being embarrassing outside of the community hall need to take some time to understand what is happening before you take your childish actions to the media.

  10. Posted by Jon on

    Why is it that everyone forget about the hard working jobs that built this country and is needed to maintain it. This country needs jobs, it needs hard work people. With out it nunavut looses all its taxes that are given to them and then how are they paying for the planes that the locals depend on? How are they going to get supplies for their snowmobiles, fuel, food, coke cola, guns and bullets to hunt. Supplies to build houses and clothes. They don’t live off the land like 100 years ago and they forget how dependant they are now of modern day living. Baffinland would also have less of a carbon footprint by using the train than the trucks. When was the last time a Indians reservation lead the way, by example on looking after the land. Setting an example of their motto “protectors of the land”. Baffinland and just about any other major mining or infrastructure job that has an obligation to provide jobs to the locals gives them any and all opportunities to succeed. Maybe giving all the free money and free pay cheques isn’t the best if one truely wants to eliminate the poverty and teach someone what’s truely needed to be a respectable employee that’s can provide and change the mindset of future generations. Free handouts and giving the option that people don’t need to work will not fix anything. Respect, handwork and confidence within one will


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