A rehab centre for Nunavut?

“You’re not going get a treatment centre in Nunavut by writing a letter to Santa Claus”

Nunavut’s failing airlines

"There is no one who matters less to northern airlines than the individual air traveller who uses his or her own money to pay"

ITK’s big break with the past

"Embedded within its wooden verbiage, you’ll find an abrupt departure from the thinking of the recent past"

The demon bootlegger?

"A law that will make everyone feel good and accomplish nothing"

The North and the Liberal regime

"Trudeau and Tootoo each come to power in the face of public expectations that are now higher than either politician can possibly fulfill"

A busy year for Mr. Clawback

"The federal government will pump a lot of money into your pocket this month. They also plan to take a lot of it back."

A bad idea

"It’s not in the public interest to use scarce funds that would otherwise go to public governments"

By the numbers

"Those who lack a basic knowledge of numbers are condemned to poverty and powerlessness."