Territorial table tennis tournament returns to Iqaluit

Table tennis is back in Iqaluit after two years of cancelled tournaments during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nunavummiut from high schools across the territory took part in a tournament at Inuksuk High School last weekend, where eight communities were represented. The tournament was also a qualifier for the 2023 Arctic Winter Games in Alberta and the Canada Winter Games in Prince Edward Island. (Photo by Bence Csaba)


Iqaluit voters weigh in on off-site beer sales

Monday's plebiscite to decide whether to allow a brewery to sell customers up to 12 cans of beer a day for off-premises consumption

The Cadet Hall in Iqaluit opens its doors for a plebiscite on Monday to consider whether Iqaluit’s brewery should be allowed to sell beer for consumption off its premises. The maximum amount allowed per day would be 12 cans of beer. Currently, off-site alcohol sales from an establishment with a brewery pub license is not allowed under Nunavut law. For that to change, at least 60 per cent of voters would have to vote yes. Polls close at 7 p.m. (Photo by David Lochead)