“The hockey season has started”

Maxence Chavanne took this photo on Stewart Lake near Kuujjuaq on Oct. 31. “The hockey season has started,” he writes. (Photo by Maxence Chavanne)

Hard at work in Kuujjuaq’s auto mechanics class

Members of the Kativik School Board’s auto mechanics program are seen in the shop on Thursday, Oct. 29. From left: teacher Mike McRae and students Lance May, Jana Peragumskum and Leanna Angatuk. There is a total of six students in the program. (Photo by Malaya Qaunirq Chapman)


Elisapie named Indigenous Artist of the Year by Quebec music industry association

Elisapie, the Nunavik singer and songwriter, received the Indigenous Artist of the Year award from Québec’s music industry association on Nov. 1. “Very proud of this beautiful award, ‘Indigenous Artist of the Year,’ given to me by the great Kent Nagano and my favorite person, the very great Florant Vollant. This award seems more important than ever to me,” Elisapie said on social media. (Photo courtesy of Elisapie/Facebook)

Spooky sights

Grade 1 students at Kuujjuaq’s Pitakallak elementary school dress up for Halloween on Friday, Oct. 30. (Photo by Malaya Qaunirq Chapman)

A dragon by the doorstep in Kuujjuaq

Julie-Ann Tuglavina and her children receive candies from Rosena Imak in Kujjuaq when trick-or-treating on Saturday, Oct. 31. (Photo by Isabelle Dubois)

Trunk-or-treat in Kujjuaq

On Friday, Oct. 30, from 5 to 7 p.m., the Northern Village of Kuujjuaq’s Recreation Department held a “trunk-or-treat” event in the parking lot of the Katittavik Town Hall, inviting kids, who were already in their costumes from celebrating Halloween at daycare and school, to trick-or-treat from one decorated truck’s trunk to another. (Photo by Isabelle Dubois)

Who’s behind the mask in Kuujjuaq?

Behind Jason’s goalie mask is seven-year-old Jase Pilurtuut, scaring the neighbours while trick-or-treating this Halloween in Kuujjuaq. (Photo by Ida Saunders)


Ptarmigan anatomy lesson

Kindergarten students at Pitakallak School in Kuujjuaq receive a lesson on the anatomy of a ptarmigan from Etua Snowball, Kativik Ilisarnilirinik’s director of education services, as he butchers several of the birds on Monday, Oct. 26. (Photo by Malaya Qaunirq Chapman)