Kuujjuaq rolls up its sleeves

Health-care workers welcome Kuujjuaq residents to the community’s COVID-19 vaccination clinic, hosted Wednesday and Thursday in the Jaanimmarik school gym. General vaccination clinics are being held in communities across Nunavik this month for adults age 18 and up. The next few villages to host clinics will be Kangirsuk Feb. 15-16 in its school gym; Tasiujaq Feb. 15-16 at the local health centre; Akulivik Feb. 15-20 in the school gym and Kangiqsualujjuaq Feb. 18-19 in the school gym. (Photo by Isabelle Dubois)

Caribou in sight

A caribou herd stands beneath the golden sky about 190 kilometres up river from Kuujjuaq Jan. 31. (Photo courtesy of Malaya Qaunirq Chapman)

A successful hunt

Malaya Qaunirq Chapman poses next to two caribou she caught, 190 kilometres up river from Kuujjuaq on Jan. 31. “I’m so happy to do as my ancestors did, hunt long distances and provide for my friends and family. I’m in my element here,” she writes. (Photo courtesy of Malaya Qaunirq Chapman)

Butchering caribou

Daniel Gadbois, Etua Snowball and Tiivi Dupuis butcher caribou they’ve caught north of Kuujjuaq on Jan. 31 to provide meat for friends and family. (Photo by Malaya Qaunirq Chapman)

Taking aim

Etua Snowball takes aim at a caribou herd on Jan. 30, 190 kilometres up river from Kuujjuaq. (Photo by Malaya Qaunirq Chapman)


Sledding time

Kuujjuaq children flock to a popular sledding hill Jan. 29. (Photo by Malaya Qaunirq Chapman)

Frosty forest outside Kuujjuaq

The sun sets on the frost-covered boreal forest outside Kuujjuaq on Jan. 28. (Photo by Isabelle Dubois)

Plotting his next move

Matthew Hubloo, a Secondary 2 student at Jaanimmarik School here in Kuujjuaq, plays two chess matches simultaneously against the school’s vice-principal, Nicholas Ramsay, and Grade 4 English teacher, Sarah Nickerson, on Jan. 26. Hubloo won both games. (Students at the school are not required to wear masks in the classroom.) (Photo by Isabelle Dubois)

Cuddles in Kuujjuaq

Lavinia Flaherty of Kuujjuaq takes her two huskies, Chubby and Hunter, for a walk and snuggle Jan 26. (Photo by Malaya Qaunirq Chapman)

Fire and ice

Water vapour rises off the Koksoak River in Kuujjuaq at sunrise around 8 a.m. on Jan. 22. “The water, which has not yet frozen, and the smoke are reflected like a river of lava surrounding the icebergs,” writes photographer Maxence Chavanne. (Photo by Maxence Chavanne)


Koksoak River remains unfrozen

A boat sits on the banks of the Koksoak River near Kuujjuaq Jan. 18. “Super late into the season, and still, the Kuujjuaq River isn’t frozen,” writes Malaya Qaunirq Chapman. (Photo by Malaya Qaunirq Chapman)

COVID-19 vaccines arrive in Puvirnituq

James Novalinga, 70, was the first resident of Puvirnituq to receive the COVID-19 vaccine Jan. 21, administered by nurse Vanessa Asfar at the Inuulitsivik health centre. Last week, Nunavik communities received a portion of the 1,000 shots of Moderna’s vaccine shipped to the region. As of Jan. 25, the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services says 568 people have been immunized. Roughly 85 per cent of those have gone to residents aged 55 and up, while the rest have been given to frontline workers and health-care staff. (Photo courtesy of NRBHSS)