Nunavut Day summer reading

Read what our readers wrote when asked to describe ‘My Corner of Our Land’

“The reason why I love living in Nunavut so much is because the land itself provides our needs for our country food, to eat, to use to see clothing, to share meat with one another and the beautiful scenery that goes along with all of it,” writes Mandy Aglukka from Kugaaruk. She was one of the people who participated in Nunatsiaq News’ My Corner of Our Land, a Nunavut Day call for readers to share their reflections of their part of the territory. (Photo courtesy of Mandy Aglukka)

By Corey Larocque

For Nunavut Day, we asked readers to tell us a bit about their corner of this vast territory and what it means to them.

Here are links to the articles they sent in. They are listed in the order in which they were published on our website in the days leading up to Nunavut Day and on the holiday itself.

They’re grouped together here so readers can conveniently open the links to all of them.

We awarded three $500 gift cards in a draw. Congratulations to the lucky people whose names were drawn: Anna Aaluk, from Gjoa Haven; Ida Porter, from Gjoa Haven; and Tanya Hiqiniq from Baker Lake.

We will be in touch next week to find out which store they would like to receive the gift card from and to make arrangements to send it to them.

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did.

Happy Nunavut Day!

Eva Alikut Ulayok, Arviat: Nunavut — ‘a place where we cook caribou outside’

Jimmy Ningeocheak, Coral Harbour:  ‘Time does not matter’

Rita Porter, Gjoa Haven: Elders ‘help us Inuit keep going and never stop’

Barb Adjun, Kugluktuk: Why do I love Nunavut? … a silly question!

Mandy Aglukka, Kugaaruk:  ‘The land itself provides our needs’

Ace Omilgoetok, Cambridge Bay: Sunshine melts the ice and warms the heart

Sarah Saumik, Nunavut: ‘Having tea n’ being with families’

Naulaq LeDrew, Toronto: Nunavut is a gift from the Creator ‘to live, to thrive and to guide one another’

Peter Autut, Chesterfield Inlet: This is our home, our paradise, our oasis

Celina Alikut, Arviat: Listen to elders when they tell us a story

Jean Pudnak, Baker Lake: ‘Time spent on the land brings you closer with your family’

David O. Born, St. Paul, Minn.: Inuit were ‘kind beyond description’

Anna Aaluk, Gjoa Haven: Coming together as a community is a Nunavut tradition

Tanya Hiqiniq, Baker Lake: ‘All that we eat from the land is our delicacy’

Ida Porter, Gjoa Haven: ‘You can survive with a qulliq’


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