Sunny days again in Iqaluit after week of rain, clouds and fog

Anglers in Iqaluit cast their fishing lines from the rocky shoreline of Sylvia Grinnell River on Sunday evening. After a week of clouds and rain, residents of the Nunavut capital were blessed with sunny weather over the weekend. The beautiful weather is set to stick around for most of the coming week, according to an Environment and Climate Change Canada forecast, with the exception of Tuesday which is calling for a 60 per cent chance of rain. (Photo by Jeff Pelletier)

Ministers focus on improved child care system at Iqaluit meeting

Federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for early learning and child care in their jurisdictions met in Iqaluit Thursday

Federal Minister for Children, Families and Social Development Karina Gould, centre, stands with federal, provincial and territorial ministers most responsible for early learning and child care at the Aqsarniit Hotel and Conference Centre in Iqaluit Thursday. The ministers, who met as part of the one-day forum held in Nunavut, discussed how to strengthen the child care system across the country. The work forward involves strengthening the workforce through “improved working conditions and compensation that reflects their professional education, experience and responsibilities,” Gould, who co-chaired the meeting with Prince Edward Island’s Minister of Education and Early years and the Minister responsible for the Status of Women Natalie Jameson, said at a news conference following the meeting. (Photo by Meral Jamal)


RCMP keeps Nunavut Day grilling on Monday

RCMP in Iqaluit kept Nunavut Day celebrations going Monday afternoon with a barbecue outside division headquarters. Officers worked the grills to serve up some cheeseburgers and hot dogs for dozens of families who lined up for lunch. The bulk of Nunavut Day celebrations took place Sunday, as the community celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement and Nunavut Act being passed by Parliament. (Photo by Jeff Pelletier)

Iqaluit-based band DANZ’AFRO performs at Alianait Arts Festival

Iqaluit-based group DANZ’AFRO performs at the opening night of the Alianait Arts Festival in Iqaluit on Thursday. The group was created in 2020 to “promote, perpetuate and popularize traditional dance from African cultures,” according to the festival website. The performers hope to encourage a healthy lifestyle in the community through dance programs and events that celebrate cultures and traditional dances from the African continent. The Alianait festival continues through Monday. (Photo by Meral Jamal)


Australian indie-pop rock duo returns to Alianait for first time in 5 years

Nunavut artist Christine Tootoo, centre, performs throat singing with Australian indie-pop rock duo This Way North, which returned to the Alianait Arts Festival in Iqaluit for the first time in five years. Playing at the opening night of Alianait on Thursday, the artists performed some of their own songs as well as covers of tunes by notable musicians like Nina Simone, a ’50s jazz, folk and R&B artist and civil rights activist in the United States. The festival continues through Monday with performances by dancers, actors and musicians as well as live plays and arts-based workshops. (Photo by Meral Jamal)

Strike at Iqaluit Housing Authority hits 100-day mark

Nunavut Employees Union members continue their picket line in front of the Iqaluit Housing Authority office, near the airport, Tuesday. June 27 marks 100 days since 13 unionized housing workers went on strike. The strike began March 17, and two days later the workers were locked out by the housing authority. The union says it is looking for better wages and housing benefits, among other conditions. On Tuesday, NEU president Jason Rochon said the housing authority has not negotiated in good faith. “It’s been 100 days of disappointment,” he said. A housing authority spokesperson did not immediately respond for comment. (Photo by David Lochead)

Iqaluit fire forces 3 residents out of their homes overnight

Smoke billowed from home in the Tundra Ridge neighbourhood; no injuries reported

Firefighters aim water at a fire in a unit in the 2700s area of Iqaluit on Sunday night. (Photo by Jason Sudlovenick, special to Nunatsiaq News)